To keep the heartbeat of threatened animals alive


Together, we can show the world nature’s true style.
Today, we see wild animals on T-shirts, company logos, or on TV.  But not where they are supposed to be: in the wild. 
We want to reconcile our relationship with the wild animals.

With their gracefulness, they inspire us. So with each shirt, we give something back.
A relationship of give and take, of mutual respect, and gratitude.

Rhinos are cool, but why them?

Some people think that it’s cool to have a Rhino horn, and poaching numbers have risen during the last decade. The increased poaching led to significantly increased protection costs, especially in private reserves.

Since 2008 there has been a catastrophic increase in the number of rhinos killed for their horn and rhino numbers have declined by almost 70 percent during the past decade. They are now at risk of going extinct in the wild in the next ten years.

How do your donations impact?

Together with Rhino Revolution, we want to quantify the impact of your money.
For our first project, that means: You pay for 8 of the 20 km of the ranger's daily fence patrol.

Why Rhino Revolution?

After researching several local community-based action groups that help protect rhinos, we personally spoke to South African NGO, Rhino Revolution.They operate a unique three step plan, rescuing and rewilding orphaned rhino, supporting anti-poaching measures and community outreach and education.

Rhino Revolution focus their anti-poaching efforts on a reserve outside Kruger, where orphan rhinos have been successfully rewilded and are now living free.  To keep them safe, the perimeter fence lines are patrolled by security guards, vehicles, canine patrols and uniquely mounted horse patrols, using former racehorses.

Why now?

Any animal that is on the scientifically backed IUCN red list., fears for its survival. Today, 37,400 species are threatened with extinction. Since we all share the same home, we believe in the democracy of species. That means treating wild animals as equal beings, not as numbers or statistics. We should recognize them as our teachers, friends, and neighbors. 
Treating Rhinos as equals means respecting their home, listening to their problems, and offering help when they need it.

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